Privacy policy

I agree that pictures of the player in relation to BDJCC cricket may be published on the club webpage and in club reports on social media. With respect to Swiss data protection laws, BDJCC aims to publish as little personal data as possible online. Therefore I agree that the full name of the player may be published in a match report, but the full name of the player will not be shown under a portrait picture unless I specifically agree. I understand that in the context of a competition with other clubs, the player’s picture and/or the player’s name may be displayed on other clubs’ and/or Cricket Switzerland websites.

By completing a membership profile for the player you are confirming you are aware of, have read, understand and agree to these terms.

Data policy
Once a player leaves BDJCC all player and parent data is deleted permanently.
All players and parents have the right to see what information the BDJCC holds about them at anytime and to have this information deleted.
Terms and Conditions

I agree to the player taking part in the activities of the club. Basel Dragons Junior Cricket Club is not liable for injury or damage to property. I understand that any insurance is the sole responsibility of each individual.

I agree to pay the annual club fee defined by the AGM or EGM. The club fee covers club equipment (balls, mats, wickets etc.), coaching and hall/ground rental. Only once fees are fully paid, is membership complete.

I agree that in the event of any injury or illness, all reasonable steps will be taken to contact a parent/guardian using the information given on the member profile, and that the injury/illness will be dealt with appropriately. For this reason, players name, date of birth, postal address, parents/guardians name(s), telephone number(s) and email address(es), as provided on the membership form, will be stored within the Pitchero database. Access is only shared with coaching and committee members. Nobody else will have access rights to view these files.

Age group coaches will only receive the health records mentioned on the membership form in a print-out version.

By completing a membership profile for the player you are confirming you are aware, have read, understand and agree to these terms.